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SCREENCAPPING! [Tuesday • January • 16th (6:52pm)]

Welcome to screencapping, a building archive of screencaps belonging to coordinator. This community exists to provide screencaps of anime, music videos, movies (& etc.) in neat little compressed zips for graphic-making purposes. I try my best to get my hands on raw/dubbed anime to cap since I know all too well the inconveniences that subtitles may bring while making graphics. While using subs, I take so many caps that I usually end up with images mostly without subtitles anyway since I have 10897 duplicates to choose from. However, all files available for download would be provided with information regarding whether there are subtitles or not.

To navigate through the community to see what has been uploaded, you can either browse through this post or check the tags within the sidebar. However, to actually be able to view posts and download files, you must be a member of the community.

RULES: there are very few as I'm not asking for much.
#1 Comment & Credit - I cap about 200-300+ images for each episode, it's hard work! Won't kill you to be considerate.
#2 No replicating and distributing these links elsewhere. - You're however, more than welcomed to link others here.
#3 No hotlinking any of the previews - There usually are 3 full sized previews per file, which you may not hotlink or use without credit because they are part of the file too!
#4 Do not upload any of my images to your own gallery. - No, just no! Period!

CREDIT: you can do it a number of ways. Here's two you might want to try:
(1) Stick me in your resources post (2) Include something like "Images for icons #4 and #87 were by..." while posting your icon/graphic batch

Read through the rules and note on crediting? Then you're ready to JOIN!

ARCHIVE! [Friday • January • 12th (12:02pm)]

Look through this post to help you find the right caps you need. Suggestions may be posted here. If this is your first time visiting screencapping or if you're not a member yet, please head over to the introductory post if you haven't already. Questions and concerns may be posted there.


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